8 Best TH5 War Bases Layouts

So you’re at Town Hall 5.

Many gamers likely had a farming base that somehow become a war base to Clan War when they’re available. However, there are differences between producing a war base and a farming base. That means you ought to have an war base that is really different from the farming base. This post will demonstrate to you the best Clash of Clans TH5 Clan War base designs.

Aside from a Clan War’s gameplay there are plenty of tactics here about what to do in Clan War but in this post I wish to show you exactly what you need to understand in the beginning. At the end of the post you’ll discover a few Town Hall 5 War Base Designs you may use for your initial Clan War so that you may provide your Clan with the greatest possible support you can. Always bear in mind that the Stars you win and the Stars you shed are worth exactly the same in contrast to all your Clan Members.

How to Make a Fantastic TH5 War Base?

You should put your high hitpoint buildings such as the Storages from the corners to make thieves run out of time — which makes them run out of time is carried out by making it quite tough to pull your Clan Castle Troops since the longer time it takes for them to kill them time their entire assault Troops have to destroy all buildings.

Anyway, have a look at these designs!

8 Cool TH5 War Base Layouts

Best Town Hall 5 War Base Design
One of my favorite TH5 War Base with really powerful Trap funnels (Barracks are overlooking here but you also can place them anywhere)
th5 war base
This base includes a long range Core Protection installment plus a Spring Entice Funnel.
Anti giants, healers and ballons th5 war base
Anti giants, ballons and healers th5 war base. Good design
Good tested th5 war base
Good and tested th5 war base layout
anti 3 star th5 war base
Awesome anti 3 star th5 war base
th5 war base agains giants and healers
TH5 war base design. Good agains giants and healers
Good TH5 war base
Good, simple TH5 war base
clash of clans war base th5
clash of clans war base th5. Try it

I really hope you can make use of these layouts. As stated at the beginning it is extremely important the Storages are placed by you from the corner to turn your attacker’s Troops go ways between!

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  1. All good and well, but your configurations are wrong! In your examples you have many more bricks than an actual th5 can hold! But deserves an A for imagination 👏👏👏

  2. Keep up the great work guyz.

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