26+ Best BH5 Base Layouts [Anti Everything]

Okay, so in this post we’ve collected the best base layouts out there. Of course, we will update this post from time to time, so you can get untapped BH5 bases.

Some designs can easily get you up to 3800 trophies and each one of this bases are tested. So yeah, let’s start.

Cash of Clans Builder Hall 5 Base Designs

One of the best BH5 base designs. Simple and powerful.
This base is literally the best base for Builder Hall 5. Truly anti everything design. Beautiful, undefeated & best defence base for level 5. Use it!
Amazing anti 2 star base layout for BH5. Tested many times. It almost impossible for Baby Dragons to get through Air Bombs.
Very good BH5 base design.
BH5 Anti 3 Star base. Most attackers will break through the wall on the back. It’s really difficult to attack this base.
Best BH5 base in terms of air protection. One of the best Anti Air & Anti Baby Dragon base layout.


undefeated-builder-hall 5 base-cocbase-net
This base is practically undefeatable.
Good builder hall 5 defense base full of traps
Builder Hall 5 (BH5) Base Without Multi Mortar Anti 2 Star-cocbase-net
Amazing BH5 Anti 2 Star base without Multi Mortar. For those who don’t like mortars (or can’t afford them yet)
One of the most effective defensive BH5 layout placed in the corner.
Excellent Builder Hall lvl 5 base.
One of the newest layout.
This design makes it really hard for the attaker to go for Builder Hall.
Strong bh5 base tested at 3,000 trophy’s-cocbase-net
Very strong BH5 base. You can easily get 3000 trophies with this beast. Tested.
BH5 defensive base design 2800 trophy-cocbase-net
BH5 defensive base design tested at 2800 trophies

builder-hall-5-base-design-layout-cocbase-net exceptional-builder-hall-5-base-cocbase-net good-bh5-base-cocbase-net level-5-builder-hall-base-cocbase-net

cool bh5 base
Cool BH5 design with clever bombs placement
New Builder Hall 5 Base 2017 - Anti Everything
Anti 2 Star, Anti 1 Star, Anti Giant New Builder Hall 5 Base 2017 – One of the best!
Definitely not the best design, but worth trying. Anyway, you would want to change some details.

Amazing BH5 base Awesome bh5 base defensive design

Do send us more bases. We will feature best of them on this site.

Don’t get your bases wracked guys!

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