12 Very Best BH6 Base Layouts

Builder Hall 6 is here and here are some new defence features you will see: one more Archer Tower, +1 Crusher, +1 Mega Mine and simple Mine, +4 Wall sections.

New at BH6: The Night Witch & The Roaster

Here are some EPIC Anti 2 Star BH6 base designs that will help you against Night Witches and could give you 3900+ trophies! Check them out:


2-COC-best-bh6-base-layout-cocbase-net 3-COC-best-bh6-base-layout-cocbase-net 5-COC-best-bh6-base-layout-cocbase-net 6-COC-best-bh6-base-layout-cocbase-net 7-COC-best-bh6-base-layout-cocbase-net 8-COC-best-bh6-base-layout-cocbase-net 9-COC-best-bh6-base-layout-cocbase-net 10-COC-best-bh6-base-layout-cocbase-net 11-COC-best-bh6-base-layout-cocbase-net 12-COC-best-bh6-base-layout-cocbase-net

As you can see, all base designs are with Rooster and there is one simple explanation to that – it’s the most effective defensive structure against Night Witch. Basicaly, you can not gain much trophies without Rooster at BH6.

Hope you like the designs, feel free to comment below and share you BH6 layouts – we will add them here.

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