11 Best Town Hall 5 Farming Base Layouts [Anti-Giants, Anti Everything]

At Town Hall 5 saving resources while farming is relatively easy. Basically everything you should do is to place all your resources in the center.

You can copy any of the TH5 farming base designs below. Don’t forget to change it a little bit, so it would suit your needs.

Good luck!

1-town-hall-5-farming-bases-cocbase-net 2-th5-farming-bases-anti-giants-cocbase-net 3-th5-farming-bases-anti-everything-cocbase-net 4-th5-farming-base-defence rom loot-cocbase-net 5-th5-farming-base-antigiants-cocbase-net 6-th5-farming-base-anti-everything-cocbase-net 7-th5-farming-base-2017-cocbase-net 8-good-town-hall-5-farming-bases-cocbase-net 9-coc-th5-farming-bases-cocbase-net 10-clash-of-clans-town-hall-5-farming-bases-cocbase-net 11-best-th5-farming-base-cocbase-net

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